Community Coalitions

For several communities in Jefferson County, key leaders have been identified to represent the Healthiest Communities Coalition in their respective cities. Coalition membership includes representatives from local schools, churches, government agencies, businesses, community organizations and interested individuals. All are engaged in a concerted effort to reduce the obesity rate in Jefferson County.

Each coalition is actively developing strategies to implement in their local communities, focusing on the following priorities:

  • Increase access to healthy food options
  • Apply incentives to improve nutrition
  • Institute workplace incentives to reward increased physical activity
  • Educate and inform the public about serving sizes and nutritional content of food options available in public areas
  • Implement comprehensive programs that promote physical activity and nutrition
  • Increase access to opportunities and facilities that promote physical activity

The coalitions’ plans include strategies and tactics that address public policy, the environment and the community, as well as organizational and individual change. Using these strategies is intended to be successful in both prevention and intervention efforts.

Additionally, a team of individuals are participating in a year-long commitment with the Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute, which is a program funded through the Medical College of Wisconsin and the UW-Madison School of Public Health. Their participation will help them develop tools and skills for engaging their own community members and build efforts to improve public health.

Interested community members are encouraged to contact a coalition member and discuss ways to participate; most coalitions hold regular monthly meetings.


CAMBRIDGE Bridgette Hermanson 608-423-8108
Stephanie Nischik 920-568-5464

Kristin Wallace 920-563-8880

Tiffany Frohmader 920-568-5475
Lesa Radloff 920-568-5141

JEFFERSON Lynn Zaspel 920-723-7749
Karen Woodland 608-295-6787

JEFFERSON COUNTY Kathy Cheek 920-674-7231

LAKE MILLS Laurel Runte 920-648-8393
Deb van Ommeren 920-674-7231

PALMYRA Kevin Setnes 262-495-6410
Lee Clay

WHITEWATER Richard Jazdzewski 262-472-1305
Brandi Niemeier 262-472-1442



Creating Healthy Communities Powerpoint (Download PDF)
Fort HealthCare Assesment Matrix for Communities (Download PDF)