Training & Certification

Studies have shown that health promotion and disease prevention training programs have been successful at reducing absenteeism and injuries. For your company, that means a savings in health care costs and an improvement in the overall health status of your employees.

Our on-site training programs are tailored to meet the needs of your company and team members. Through a brief discussion, we can coordinate the use of our life-like simulation mannequins, make available experts in nearly any health-related field, and provide resources and reference materials to leave behind for on-going education. Examples of programs we can create for you are:

Occupational Health Training Programs

  • Back Injury Prevention
  • Hand, Arm and Neck Injury Prevention
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Respiratory Protection Medical Surveillance
  • Substance Abuse Drug Free Workplace
  • Blood Borne Pathogen

Health Promotion Training Programs

  • CPR/First Aid Certification
  • Stop Smoking
  • Stress Management
  • Weight Loss and Management
  • Exercise/Fitness
  • Assertiveness

Health Discussions

Fort HealthCare Business Health offers a variety of one-hour health discussion programs focused on striving for and maintaining healthy lifestyles. We have many programs already in place and we can develop a program specific to your needs. The following are some health discussion offerings:

It is time to train employees so you can reduce the risk of injury and better protect your organization. Let’s Do This!