Communications ToolKit

Fort HealthCare is dedicated to the health of all who reside in our region. This is evident in the Mission of the organization: Improve the health and well-being of our community.  And, by partnering with community organizations, churches, employers and municipalities, we strive to achieve our Vision: Be the healthiest community in Wisconsin.

The goal to create Wisconsin’s Healthiest Community is bold, daring, challenging and incredibly important. Fort HealthCare believes a wide-reaching health and wellness campaign — directed to the public as well as to partners — should be undertaken to positively affect the likelihood this goal can be attained.  Most important, however, is that we reach out to organizations like yours that share a similar mission or vision.

The Let’s Do This! ToolKit will help every community-based organization and employers promote their wellness related messages. In the ToolKit, you will find useful information and resources, communication planning tools, social media guidelines, media contacts and a design style guide so that you can incorporate the Let’s Do This! message into your organization’s communications. With your assistance, the following goals for the promotional campaign will be achieved:

  • Adopt the Let’s Do This! brand as representative of the entire region’s wellness activities
  • Educate area residents as to the benefits of becoming the healthiest community in Wisconsin
  • Help each community be ready to embrace and act upon health-related messages
  • Encourage individual responsibility and accountability
  • Help area residents to see the benefits of healthy eating, health screenings and lifestyle improvements.

It is Fort HealthCare’s goal to help each partner share their health and wellness messages, and with your assistance, our similar message can be shared with your audiences. We believe that if we do this, we will create the healthiest community in Wisconsin.


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Community Coalitions: Public Health Change Planning Tool Download PDF

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