Bariatrics: Procedure

The LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Band is placed around the upper stomach, creating a small pouch, during a laparoscopic procedure using general anesthesia. Often done on an outpatient basis, the surgery itself typically takes about an hour.

Once the LAP-BAND® is in place, it is adjustable to help patients achieve their weight-loss goals. Food intake is significantly limited, creating a full feeling sooner. This surgery is a long-term solution and requires a lifetime commitment. While the band can be removed, the intention should always be to keep it in to assist in your weigh loss and maintenance. 

Last Minute Reminders

This list can help you remember some of the important things you’ll need to do or have before heading off to have your Bariatric Surgery procedure.

At home be sure to have:

  • Pain medication prescribed by your doctor. You will receive a prescription on the day of surgery.
  • Clear liquid beverages and Jello for the first three days post-op.
  • An array of full liquids to be consumed after day 3 through the first week post-op.  This includes items such as soups, milk, protein shakes, Ensure, Slim-Fast or Carnation Instant Breakfast. Other acceptable foods include sugar free popsicles or fudgesicles. Nutrition Services or the bariatric coordinator can help you develop a list of proper foods.
  • An ice pack.

For the hospital, make sure to pack:

  • Comfortable loose fitting clothing that you can easily slip into before going home.
  • Your own toiletries, in the event you’re required to stay overnight.
  • A complete list of current medications, plus a one day supply of each.
  • Magazines, a music player or a good book.
  • Insurance and other key information.

Among your support network, make sure to arrange for:

  • A friend or family member to be at the hospital with you and to drive you home.
  • A soft pillow to cushion your stomach on the ride home.
  • Someone to help you settle in at home after surgery and to stay with you overnight.

Before having surgery, make sure:

  • You have followed your surgeon’s pre-op LAP-BAND® instructions, and do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day before your surgery.
  • You wear loose, comfortable clothing (especially at the waist) and slip-on shoes.


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