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What Causes Kidney Stones?

This is maybe the most common question I get. The answer is far from straight forward and usually a combination of patient-specific factors. Kidney stones form when, if the urine chemistry is just right, substances combine, crystallize, and then those … Continue reading

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Mesh: That sounds bad, right?

I’m sure many readers have seen or heard the commercials featuring law firms that do not have many very nice things to say about “mesh”. So what is mesh and what should I do about it? “Mesh” often refers to … Continue reading

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I know where every good bathroom is between here and Sauk City.

If you find yourself emptying your bladder before you leave the house, only to have to stop three times between here and Madison, you have an overactive bladder.  “Overactive Bladder” is a term we use to describe a strong, frequent, bothersome … Continue reading

What is Low Testosterone (Low T)?

We’ve all been bombarded by the ads on TV of sad middle-aged men that are tired.  Tired and they can’t get erections and have a decreased libido (sex drive).  Then there’s a promise of a virtual “fountain of youth” in … Continue reading

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Most diagnosed cancer among men is…

Prostate cancer. Besides skin cancer, it is the top cancer diagnosis for men. While it can be a very aggressive type of cancer, it often doesn’t appear in men they’ve reached at least 50 years of age. It is important that … Continue reading

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You’re not the only one

Almost 12 million people in the United States experience urine control issues. Many things contribute to the condition: Enlargement of the prostate (men) Narrowing of the urethra due to scar tissue Obesity Older age Bladder stones Blockage Frequent bladder infections … Continue reading

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