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Avoid the plague!

9/18/2014 Hey Hey Hey everyone! It became very apparent last weekend and a little into this week that fall is coming quickly, and if you’re not ready—too bad! I ran a 5k this previous weekend, and the temperature at the … Continue reading

Jumping Outside The Box

9/3/14 September has made it! I know people say that Labor Day marks the ‘end of summer’, but I don’t see it that way. After all, it seems like summer just began! One of my favorite parts of summer is … Continue reading

To sleep or not to sleep? I wish it was up to me.

Hey friends! Wednesday already?!  End of August?! Summer is FLYING by! If you’re like me, your weekdays and weekends are crammed full of every activity under the sun.  My weekdays are filled with swim team, work, classes, and the occasional … Continue reading

Meatless Mondays

Well, another month down-hard to believe. For many individuals and families this is the last week of summer before school is back in session, and the calendar is starting to become scary with all of the activities, meetings and plans. … Continue reading