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Healthiest community in WI? Let’s do this!

Jefferson County and our surrounding communities can be healthier and live healthier. Our current health status, according to, isn’t so good. Of the 72 counties in Wisconsin, Jefferson County ranks 33rd for overall health outcomes, 39th for morbidity (overall … Continue reading

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French fries are NOT vegetables

In this age of taco palaces, microwave meals and energy bars, some kids probably think the food pyramid is some ancient Egyptian relic. Overstated? Not necessarily, when you consider that almost 17% of kids ages 2 to 19 are obese; … Continue reading

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Fitting fitness into your child’s day

There’s no denying it: American kids are getting bigger. In fact, the number of obese teens has tripled over the last three decades. If your kids aren’t getting the minimum 60 minutes of daily activity recommended for children younger than … Continue reading

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