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Got Milk? With the right breast pump you will!

At some point in time, almost all mothers have to leave their infant and need to have pumped milk available.  Like most decisions for first-time mothers, purchasing a breast pump can be a daunting task.  With pressure to do what … Continue reading

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Late-talking toddlers: Should parents worry?

We parents love to chart our children’s developmental milestones. From the first little smile,  to the first tooth, to the first steps – we look forward to these important moments as our children grow. First words are among the more … Continue reading

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Yummy, yummy for tiny tummies!

Once your baby moves beyond those first weeks of round-the-clock feedings, making sure your baby has the proper nutrition can get a bit more complicated. Breast milk or formula was all baby needed for the first six months of life. Over … Continue reading

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