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Give birth to hope—Cord blood donation

Quick, easy, painless, and saves lives. You would want to know more, right? New mothers have the opportunity to save the life of someone who may need a stem cell transplant by simply donating cord blood, a simple and painless process. What … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding Benefits for Both

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beneficial ways a mother can care for her baby.  The experience of breastfeeding is very special and while some may feel breastfeeding is unnecessary, it provides endless value for your child, and … Continue reading

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Got Milk? With the right breast pump you will!

At some point in time, almost all mothers have to leave their infant and need to have pumped milk available.  Like most decisions for first-time mothers, purchasing a breast pump can be a daunting task.  With pressure to do what … Continue reading

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Well Woman exam important in early detection

The purpose of an annual Well Woman exam is to detect and treat any new or ongoing health problems, as well as to help prevent future ones from developing. Even if you’re not due for a Pap test, it’s still … Continue reading

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Calming a crying baby – The Safe Way

Babies cry. It’s how they know to communicate with the world around them. But when a baby won’t stop crying, it can be frustrating. The stress of caring for a baby, especially if your baby has been sick, puts a … Continue reading

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Newborns and Jaundice: Fear not!

Having a new baby is a wonderful, but scary, journey. There can be many bumps in the road and, when you’re a new Mom, they can feel overwhelming. As a Fort HealthCare patient, we work to minimize this by monitoring … Continue reading

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Pregnancy can be a pain in the back!

Many pregnant women experience pain in the lower back that follows that path of the sciatic nerve, running into the leg and through the foot. When the nerve becomes inflamed, usually due to increased pressure somewhere along the course of … Continue reading

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Swelling belly, swollen ankles?

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know how awful swelling can get in your feet and ankles – especially in the last trimester. Your skin feels itchy, tight and stretched to the max and your legs look like elephant trunks, … Continue reading

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Babies and Blood Sugar

When preparing to have a baby, there may be health concerns that come up throughout your pregnancy. One of these health concerns could be gestational diabetes, which affects 18 percent of expecting mothers. Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes … Continue reading

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Five things new moms should know about breastfeeding

When you are having a baby, you are faced with many questions which can seem overwhelming.  One of the most important is, how you are going to feed your baby? All governing health agencies recommend breastfeeding as the best form of … Continue reading

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