“I have the absolutely best job in the world; I get to give patients their lives back. As a lymphedema therapist I see patients come into the clinic barely able to move or function in their daily activities. After just one treatment the patient can see and feel the difference, which motivates them to the continue therapy and get even better. The smile on their faces and the positive words of wanting to live life to the fullest again, is what makes me proud to be a therapist. This is why after fourteen years of being a therapist I still enjoy coming to work everyday.”


Tina Barnes, Coffee Shop Coordinator — GENERAL OPPORTUNITIES

“I love working with people and being at Fort HealthCare has allowed me to work with wonderful employees and volunteers. I love making patient families and employees feel good by offering them “comfort food” in the Partners Corner Grill. I can put a smile on their face when they are feeling down. Knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s life makes me feel good.”


Gail Bisbach, RN — NURSING

“No one can be an expert in every aspect of health care and I know that I can rely on the expertise that all the other departments at Fort HealthCare have to offer. My coworkers are not just those that I work with in the ER. I am part of a much bigger team that I can count on to help solve a problem, answer a question or assist in a busy time. Everyone pulls together to get the job done.”


Signe Fredrick, RN — NURSING

“I have enjoyed being an employee of Fort HealthCare for the past 14 years. I returned to school for my BSN recently and the support from my manager, coworkers and administration since returning to school has been tremendous. I don’t think I could have done it without the encouragement that I have received.”


Traci Lisius, Clinic Manager — GENERAL OPPORTUNITIES

“I love working at Fort HealthCare because it’s like being a part of one big family with a common goal: the wellness and excellent, compassionate care of our patients. I feel very fortunate to work closely with a group of individuals who respect and value each other to provide the high standard of care.”


Lisa Michaels-Bilgrien, Cardiopulmonary Rehab Coordinator — ALL IED HE ALTH

“I love working at Fort HealthCare because it is like a family. The departments work together to ensure the best possible outcome for each patient. In Cardiopulmonary Rehab and Wellness I am fortunate enough to work with some of the best nurses and exercise physiologists in the business. It also affords us the opportunity to meet and help the wonderful people in our community. Even they become part of the cardiopulmonary rehab family.”


Tracy Puttre, RN, BSN, CC RN — NURSING

“I love working at Fort HealthCare because it allows me to stay close to home and provide great care for my fellow community members.”


Lesa Radloff, Senior HR Generalist — GENERAL OPPORTUNITIES

“I love working at Fort HealthCare for many reasons: the pleasant working environment, great team members, competitive pay practices and excellent benefits. I am very grateful to be working for such a remarkable organization.”


Heidi Siefkes, RN — NURSING

“When I graduated from college, I shopped around for the workplace that best fit me. It didn’t take long to get the feeling that Fort HealthCare was that place. They put me in touch with the best nurses to help me become the nurse that I am today. As an OB/GYN unit nurse, I get to see a variety of patients from expecting couples to Baby-Boomer in for surgery. I work with an amazing staff of career-minded nurses, an awesome group of progressive and professional doctors that put patient care first and an administrative team that promotes my education and development.”


Patricia A Tully, RN — NURSING

“As someone who grew up in a large community I had such a warm, family feeling when I started here in 1973. Raising a family and having family in the area, it was very important that the hospital responsible for our health care would have a personal touch. Fort HealthCare has that touch. Over the years Fort HealthCare has maintained its advancement in the medical fields with their personnel and its work place. “


Tammie Turley, RN, BSN, CMSRN — NURSING

“Family means different things to different people. My extended “work family” at Fort HealthCare is family in every sense of the word. They have nurtured and encouraged me to grow. The importance of my education has been stressed, valued and provided. Like a great family they stands beside you in times of need and also give you that little nudge, which we sometimes need to fly. Why is Fort HealthCare a great place to work? It’s all about the family.”


Cyndy Warner, RN, BSN — NURSING

“Being chosen to work at Fort HealthCare ten years ago was an honor, because I was first new graduate hired into the Obstetrics unit. Deb Schumacher, OB manager, was a key part in my interview process and she is now my manger, co-worker and friend. Life in OB is very rewarding, as everyday I am part of a great team of nurses, doctors and staff, caring for our community.”


Kati Wetzel, RN — NURSING

“I love Fort HealthCare because I feel I am valued as an individual and not just an employee ID number. I feel that other members of our organization truly value my input and perspective and that I can make a difference. I love being an RN on Med/Surg/Peds because each day I get to have an impact on the lives of others. As a pediatric nurse, it is especially rewarding to help a child and their family through a stressful time and see them smiling and feeling better after receiving care on our floor.”


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