The Human Hand Can Do the Most Inspired Things

And the most inspired hands can do almost anything - like those that grace the expert surgeons of Fort HealthCare.

Fort HealthCare's Surgery Specialties include:

GERD Solutions
Frequent heartburn, called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), can not only cause discomfort, but may also lead to more serious health problems. There are a number of ways to treat GERD symptoms, which may include surgery. There is a new, incisionless procedure available for Fort HealthCare patients, as well as an innovative treatment for Barrett's esophagus, a serious, precancerous condition as a result of chronic GERD. The surgeons at Fort HealthCare Surgical Associates and the gastric services expertise of James Wishau, MD of the Fort HealthCare Lake Mills Clinic, can provide relief for sufferers of GERD.

Center for Joint Replacement
There may come a time when knee, hip or shoulder pain may reduce the quality of your life. Within our hospital, we have created a special area just for the care of our knee, hip and shoulder replacement patients. Family members are encouraged to participate in group activities, meals and other special events. Exercise and therapy is also provided in a group setting, so that our patients can encourage and support each other on the road to recovery.

Ear, Nose & Throat
Fort HealthCare's Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists are dedicated to providing our patients with comprehensive head and neck medical and surgical services.  Our physicians work closely with our audiologists, speech therapists, esthetician and support staff to provide solutions to ear, nose and throat diseases.

At Fort HealthCare Urology Associates, we are dedicated to alleviate concerns, provide thorough answers based on the latest advances and find the best, quickest solution for individuals who may need medical or surgical intervention for urinary or genital issues.

Fort HealthCare Orthopaedic Associates specialize in providing comprehensive orthopedic care — foot to ankle, knee to hip, hand to wrist, shoulder to spine, and most everywhere in-between. Whether you have an athletic injury, repetitive motion condition, chronic arthritis or require a joint replacement, our goal is to return you to the lifestyle you enjoy as quickly as possible. From patient education, to minimally invasive procedures, to therapies and rehab, Fort HealthCare Orthopaedic Associates provides highest quality, highest technology, compassionate care — close to home.

Join us on a tour of our expert Orthopedic Services department at Fort Memorial Hospital and be in the room with all the action during an actual knee replacement surgery by Dr. Zambrano!

If you're having a baby, or are even just thinking about it, the Great Expectations Birthing Center at Fort Memorial Hospital is your best choice to enjoy all the comforts of home — including spacious private suites, hydro therapy tubs, heated towel racks and even simple luxuries like extra blankets and pillows. In addition, the Great Expectations Birthing Center also offers today's most advanced obstetrics technology — along with highest-satisfaction, compassionate care — to make your experience a once-in-a-lifetime, happy event.

Surgical Associates
Fort HealthCare Surgical Associates - we are dedicated to alleviating concerns, providing thorough answers based on the latest advances and finding the best solution for patients who may need surgical intervention. Our surgeons and staff will work with you to address your concerns and conditions. We are expert at the evaluation and care of both adult and pediatric surgical patients.

Traditionally, patients diagnosed with Venous Reflux Disease would undergo vein-stripping surgery - a procedure in which diseased veins are pulled from the leg. Now, Fort HealthCare Surgical Associates are proud to offer the VNUS Closure® Procedure - a minimally invasive alternative to painful vein stripping surgery.

If you're 100 pounds or more overweight, and haven't had success losing weight with traditional diet or exercise, you should know about Fort HealthCare's Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery using LAP-BAND®. This new, exciting, minimally invasive procedure can help you shed unhealthy pounds safely.

Fort HealthCare, is eager to show you how. Take back your health. Take back your life.

At Fort HealthCare we believe that a colonoscopy isn't a procedure, it's prevention. Stay on the healthy side with routine preventative screenings.

Specialty Clinic Services
Fort HealthCare Specialty Clinic has gathered the finest physicians from surrounding regions to service all of your patient needs — without the distance, the wait and the worry you might otherwise encounter. Our Specialty Clinic is a unique partnership with physicians from Dean Health System, Meriter Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, UW Health, UW Hospital & Clinics, Advanced Pain Management and other outstanding providers.


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