Breah Klemp, LAT

Breah Klemp, LAT
Athletic Trainer


Marquette University- Bachelor of Science: Exercise Science Program in Athletic Training

Breah Klemp, LAT - Athletic Trainer:

Breah has had a love of sports since she was young. As an athletic trainer, Breah gets to embrace her love of the game, although in a different way. Breah's main focus is injury prevention through strength and conditioning, and emphasizing the importance of listening to your body and its limits. Throughout her athletic career she has dealt with numerous injuries of her own, therefore she can relate to the physical and emotional toll an injury can have on an athlete. This profession allows Breah to remain involved in the field of sports, while applying her knowledge as a medical professional.

Breah's Interests:

Breah wears many different hats as an employee at Fort HealthCare. Her main role as the athletic trainer at Cambridge High School allows her to work with her population of choice- athletes. Besides injury prevention and care, Breah also coaches for Fort HealthCare’s EDGE Series- a performance enhancement program that focuses on developing the well rounded athlete. While in the clinic, Breah works in the Industrial Rehab and Work Hardening programs, as well as facilitation of Pre-Placement Job Offer Screens. She also spends time as the instructor of Mild Motion, an exercise class for the aging population that focuses on maintaining independence and improving daily function.


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